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Welcome to the National Covenant Association of Churches Website!

This is a proposal for the formation of an association of churches and individuals who recognize two things:

1 – Christianity is defined by some basic, essential beliefs that carry with them certain ethical imperatives (orthodoxy and orthopraxy)

2 – There are also some things about which Christians of good conscience may disagree; but these do not mean we are not together the body of Christ

The Church has struggled throughout the centuries with knowing how to live out these two realities.  Here is our proposal

Here are the Essentials of the Christian Faith

Here are the Ethical Imperatives that follow from them

Here are some of the “critical” or “distinctive” beliefs that have divided the Church

What we are proposing is that we agree to affirm the essentials and the imperatives as a basis for a National Covenant AND we affirm the critical or distinctive beliefs by organizing in such a way as to allow congregations to covenant with each other along those “critical lines” without getting in endless battles with one another.  Here is a graphic to illustrate the idea.


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